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Everyone deserves a PETAL.

 Here we will highlight where our next fundraiser or campaign will be. We are honored to be able to give back to causes that matter, no matter how small. 

come support your neighborhoods.  

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What are PETALS made with?

All our vanilla ice cream is made in house, mixed with other quality ingredients to bring you a; not too sweet, pure and natural flavor in every bite. 

1petals _edited.jpg

Why we choose our packaging.

"It should be clear, so people can see what the PETAL looks like."

  We get this feedback ALOT !

No you cant see through it.  However, like a real flower, until it blooms and reveals its self is when we can most admire its beauty. We want you to be surprised and excited to open up and reveal your PETAL before you enjoy eating it. 

Our packaging is made of 100% biodegradable plant fiber pulp + wood.

our packaging
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